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Trealaw Primary SchoolTogether Pupils Succeed

Who's Who

Teaching staff:

Mrs James: Headteacher 

Mrs Hopkins formerly known as Mrs Hadfield Deputy Headteacher Anturiaethwyr/Adventurers Leader of learning

Mrs Owen: SLT Arloeswyr/Innovators Leader of learning 

Mrs Morris: Anturiaethwyr/Adventurers & Arloeswyr/Innovators Leader of learning 

Mrs Evans: Fforwyr/Explorers Leader of learning 


Agency Teacher PPA 

Miss Williams 


Support staff:

Mrs Griffiths: Family Engagement Officer.

Mrs Hughes: TA support, lunchtime supervisor

Miss Richards: TA support 1:1 


Agency TA

Miss Roche 

Miss Davies 

Miss Jones 


School Clerk/Family engagement officer/Evolve coordinator

Mrs Kinsey



Mr Button


Cleaning staff:

Solo Cleaning Services 


Catering staff: 

Ms Emery, Mrs MacKenzie, Mrs Williams 


Lunchtime supervisor

Mrs Hughes, Miss Loveridge 


Breakfast club supervisors

Mrs Locke, Mrs MacKenzie, Mrs Williams