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Eco Committee

Hi all,

Mrs Morris here! Just to let you all know our eco meetings are now on a Wednesday dinner time. Thank you!

We sold Christmas trees and bird feeders at our Christmas fete! All money raised will go towards sponsoring a penguin.

What are we doing about the plastic crisis?

We are adopting a sea animal to help WWF protect and save wildlife. Did you know that £10 a month means gps tracking for turtles?

We are currently voting between a penguin, dolphin or turtle! 

Eco Warriors September 2018.

The Eco Warriors 2017-18

Hi this is the communications manager of the Eco committee, i just wanted to update you that on the 28th June the Eco committee will be holding a stall at the school fete. Could you please donate large pebbles for us to paint, we hope that you will be attending and so that you can see our final work!

                                                                 Yours thankfully, 

                                                                                               Chloe Stevens 

Hi all,

       Chloe Stevens, the Communications Manager speaking to you here. Our focus in our eco meetings this term has been trying to tackle the problem of fly-tipping. We've gone  on  a patrol of the local area trying to identify the people who have fly-tipped. The mess in our senior yard from people fly-tipping is not just dangerous but hideous to see, we have contacted the local council who will investigate the problem further.


Please help us to stop the problem of fly-tipping in our beautiful village!


If you have got loads amounts of waste to get rid of here is some information to help you to get rid of you rubbish legally and safely:



The Pavilions
Cambrian Park
Clydach Vale
CF40 2XX

Tel: 01443 425001

Email: or

The Eco committee table Christmas fete

Pictures from the Trealaw Primary Eco Warriors community litter pick. Coming to a home near you soon! X

Action Plan of Trealaw's Eco Warriors.


  • Monitoring energy levels in school
  • Create new posters for switches and thermostats
  • New energy wardens (knocking off lights and switches at break times.
  • litter monitors-Undertake regular litter picking walks around the school and local area.
  • Higher expectations of waste disposal, encouraging everybody to dispose waste appropriately i.e fruit bin, recycling bin, etc.
  • New dinner monitors monitoring waste (Callum Stevens, Mercedes George and Theo Stenner
  • Promote healthy attitudes towards friendships and health ( a visit to a local allotment, visitors to come in to discuss the work of the food bank etc, a poly tunnel to be established to protect our plants and veg from The Cat, a cook off with cooking club to be arranged with our own home grown veg!

Lots to look forward to this year. We will keep all you lovely people posted.

Love Eco Warriors x

Eco Warriors!


Our Eco committee meets every Tuesday after school. We get together to discuss ways I which we can make our school and the surrounding area more green! We talk about problems that may have arisen during the week and ways in which we can make people more aware of the ecological issues we face. We have lots of projects planned and fantastic ideas. Our notice board and this web page will you updated and informed of our progress.

                    Chloe Stevens Communications Manager x

Eco Committee members


  Brooke Summers (Year 6)- Chair

  Stacey Alford (Year 3) - Vice Chair

 Chloe Stevens (Year 6)- Communications Manager

  Eve Garland (Year 5)-Treasurer

   Caitie Ridley Morgan (Year 6)- Minute Taker

   Catie Pearce (Year 6)- Minute Taker

   Project Partners

Ty Lewis (Year 5)

  Dylan Goodwin (Year 4)

  Rio Evans (Year 4)

Chelsea Ridley Morgan (Year 4)

Theo Stenner (Year 3)

Callum Stevens (Year 3)

Krystal Nash (Year 3)

Chel-C Brace (Year 3)

Autumn Lewis (Year 3)