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Attendance targets, guidance and information

Special Visit from our attendance welfare support officer

Attendance 100% winners autumn 2023

Attendance winners autumn 2023

Attendance 2023-24 

Mrs Griffiths our Family Engagement Officer will be working on a number of initiatives over 2023-24 to improve our attendance percentage 90.6% 2022-23 

Our fantastic 100% attenders for autumn 2018

We will be keeping parents informed weekly on attendance percentages on the main home page. Here are our 100% pupils for the whole school year 2017-18

Attendance % for Week ending 23/03/2018


1st place - Class 6 - 99.11% Excellent

2nd place - Class 4 - 99.00% Excellent

3rd place - Class 3 - 95.56% Very Good

4th place - Class 5 - 95.50% Very Good

5th place - Class 2 - 93.15% Good

6th place Class 1 - 85.19% 


The School Council will be publishing results every week!

Our fantastic 100% attendance winners for autumn 2017!

Attendance 2016-17

Our attendance for 2016-17 was 92.14 and did not achieve the LA target 94.1. We will keep parents and carers updated with the attendance figures for this autumn half term 2017 and hope that we meet our target. We are trying to work with parents by granting in term time the 10 days holiday allowance by the Welsh government to those pupils whose attendance in the previous year has been 95% and above. 


Also please work with us on punctuality, schools starts at 8.50 am and there is the provision of a school breakfast club. We remind all parents that this prepares your child for future life in the work place with the understanding of the need to be prompt and on time.

Thank you 

Mrs James and all staff

Achievement for All award 2017 won by Shivani Sopariwala for excellent 100% attendance over the past four years!

Attendance winners summer 2017

Attendance awards

Whole School attendance for 2015-16 was 92.89%. Disappointingly we did not achieve our local authority target of 93.6%


Our School attendance target for 2016-17 is currently set by the Central South Consortium is 94.1%. The Welsh Government target for all schools in Wales is to achieve 95% and above.


We hope that all parents support us in improving their child's attendance. Please inform the school clerk as soon as possible of your child's absence with the reasons. We load this onto our registers. The school council is closely monitoring weekly class attendance with class rewards for the highest class attendance and our Dewi the Dragon. Termly certificates and awards are given to pupils with 95% and above. Pupils who have 100% over the whole year are awarded a special prize.


The school has recently undertaken an audit of its attendance and we are currently reviewing school policy. We will keep parents updated through our newsletters and in due course there will be a school app that will be available to download onto mobile phones which will enable parents to keep up to date with all information.