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The Play Squad - Sgwad chwarae

Meet our 19/20 play leaders along with our sports ambassadors Autumn and Logan.

Day two of our introduction to yard games led by Kira and Kaci.

Our first play leader session led by Tristan and Sienna who done a fantastic job.

Playleader game cards. Our play leaders have been busy transforming the dragon sport cards into their own.

Timetable for yard games led by play leaders.

Thank you RCT sport for our play leader training. We look forward to organising our time table and implementing our games next term.

After Miss Hancock met with Rachel from RCT Sport we recruited extra play leaders. Our play leader team from Spring term-Summer term are,


Kadi Tipple - Y6

Dylan Stevens - Y6

Keelan Jennings - Y6

Dylan Goodwin - Y6

Kaci Hemming - Y6

Tahalia Evans - Y6

Mercdes George - Y6

Kira Pitt- Y6

Tia Collard - Y6

Roxy Cole - Y6

Sienna Griffiths - Y6

Tristan Hulbert - Y6

Crystal Williams- Y6

Lexie Thomas- Y5

Autumn Lewis - Y5

Alfie Clarke - Y5

Chel-C Brace - Y5

Finn Russell- Y5

Kobi Allen - Y5

Clio Pearce - Y5


We made and sold decorations in the Christmas fete to raise money for PE equipment.

The Play Squad

Our new play leader squad 2018-19

Kaci Hemming Y6

Dylan Stevens Y6

Keelan Jennings Y6

Roxy Cole Y6

Mercedes George Y6

Tia Collard Y6

Kira Pitt Y6

Dylan Goodwin Y6

Kadi-Lyn Tipple Y6

Autumn Lewis Y5

Sgwad Chwarae/Play leader policy

Play leaders/sgwad Chwarae 2018


Ellie May - Year 6

Kian Jenkins - Year 6

Lexi Jermain - Year 6

Libby Thomas - Year 6

Roxy Cole - Year 5

Mercedes George - Year 5

Kadi Tipple - Year 5

Kaci Hemming - Year 5


Miss Cox: Y6 Chair of the play leaders

Master Bryer: Y6 Vice chair of the play leaders

Miss Jenkins: Y6 Secretary

Miss Jermain: Y5 Treasurer

Miss Pearce: Y6 play leader

Miss Woolford: Y6 play leader

Miss Haines: Y6 play leader

Miss Sopariwala: Y6 play leader