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RRSA- Rights Respecting Schools Award


We are the rights squad, we help to make sure everyone is aware of the children's rights in school and in our wider community


Did you know:

There are 54 rights in total


The A.B.C.D.E of rights are:

A-all children all around the world have rights

B-all children are born with rights

C-any rights can not be taken away

D-none of the rights do not have to be earned

E-each right is equal


It is important that everyone, especially children, are aware of these Rights, to keep us safe and healthy and to make sure we become the best we can be!


The Rights Squad

Our rights respecting squad setting up our obstacle course for our unicef playground challenge!

Our new school Ambassadors 2018

Hi to everyone, 


As school's new 'Super Ambassadors' we will be attending a training day down at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff on 9th October to understand and support being a 'Rights respecting school' We will be looking at the articles and working on anti-bullying!


Looking forward to it, 


Kian, Eve and Crystal 

Our new RRSA 2017 super Ambassadors

Our Rights Respecting Squad